We design and build bespoke National SEO campaigns for clients who want to target their customers from a national audience.

These strategies do differ from Local SEO campaigns, although they can help complement each other.

What is National SEO?National SEO

Attracting high volumes of traffic and vastly increasing click-through rates carry a lot of dependency on companies looking to build customers from across the UK. Companies have big revenues riding on being found in the top 3 of search engine results pages (SERPS).

The first thing we need to do is identify the highly populated areas and apply keyword search analysis to find out the volumes of searches in these areas. For an example: Birmingham has a population of over 1 million, and Manchester has around 500k, however the amount of people searching for your services in Manchester could be greater. We analyse the whole country to identify the most traffic in targeted areas, and then put a national SEO campaign together in priority order.

Why Does Your Business Need National SEO?

This really depends on where you can service your customers. If you are a business that is set up to sell products with all the logistics (delivery systems) in place, or services that can be handled remotely, then your market would be deemed as having a national demographic audience. Therefore, getting your website in front of these potential customers in areas across the whole country is vital. Also, gaining top level page 1 keyword results generates if even numbers of clients. Here’s an example of some very competitive keywords: ‘mortgages’, ‘cars for sale’, ‘property for sale’. National SEO focuses on being found in the organic results and businesses literally plough £millions in to be at the top for these results.

As a national business (you may well be a large corporate), your website over the years may have accrued many outdated, irrelevant and redundant web pages that our team will work with you to really analyse their current value.

You may have pages that are slow loading and in the past have not followed strict SEO guidelines, therefore hindering the site rather than helping. We will therefore take care of these issues and conduct a full technical analysis.

We are committed to help businesses clean up their act, and provide quality National SEO strategies to create greater visibility in the search engines.

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What is Our National SEO Process?

You may have already been trading for some years and haven worked hard to becoming a reputable and trusted name in your industry, so firstly we will work with you to make sure that Google’s algorithms also understand this.

As a National SEO agency, we will conduct careful research, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, back link building, auditing, content creation and content marketing. We provide ourselves on activity that delivers results.

We want to make sure that your website is water tight, and you’re not leaking traffic anywhere.

These are factors we take into consideration when analysing our clients websites:

  • On-Page Technical Optimisation
  • Off-Site Authority Optimisation
  • Industry Research
  • Creative content creation
  • Content marketing
  • Measurement and reporting

We also have wealth of experience in many different facets of digital marketing, this is why employing us to manage your SEO means putting your website into safe hands.

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