33% of adults use voice search technology in 2019

Voice searches increase to 33%

33% of adults use voice search technology in 2019

33% of people use voice assisted devices when making internet searches.

Voice searches increase to 33%

Use of voice search technology

Although, some people may not fully get this, and may not be fully accustomed to voice search technology, but in fact there’s actually 2 in 4 young adults using voice searches every month through their devices. And, as mentioned 33% of all adults overall.

This could be put down to younger people simply copying their friends, or used to giving voice commands through online gaming, anyway the trend is growing more each year and it’s coming through the younger adult generations.

‘How well is your website set up for high search engine rankings when people speak your target search words/phrases?’

Voice Search Statistics

In 2019, voice searches have climbed another 9.5% on 2018, and still increasing at a growing steady rate. Even, in the automotive sector, where for obvious reasons the driver is encouraged to speak search commands rather than type, voice search technology is gaining more traction with everyday devices, becoming much more user-friendly.

111.8 million People in the US will use a voice assistant at monthly during 2019. This figure indicates 39.4% of US internet users and 33.8% of the overall population are using voice assistants whether static, or on the go. SOURCE: E-Marketer

So, where does that leaves the search engine results market? And more importantly how does this change the landscape for digital marketing.

Well, it has been proven that voice search queries can be longer in the keywords and phrases used. What we mean by this is that typing can be quick and to the point versus speaking, which naturally means you would say more when making your search.

Here’s an example:

Someone typing their search may say something like ‘good Thai restaurant near me’, whereas someone who is speaking into their search device might say ‘Hi google, I’m looking for a good Thai restaurant near to where I live’.

Here we have additional words being used in the search, such as ‘I’m looking for’, and ‘Near to where I live’, either way, the result positions in the search engine can alternate based on what additional information is being added.

This is why it’s important when writing your content and laying out your page structure that these variations of search phrases are included.

Future growth of Voice Search

In the coming years, more and more devices will be launched into the market with voice assistant software. We’ve now witnessed the launch of smart speakers with voice assistants built in. These sort of technologies will fuel growth into the market and see the ever increasing trend of voice searches increase even more.

As well as car technologies, we will see voice assistants integrated into more TV’s and other smart home technologies, as well as household appliances, watches and more.

Based on the survey, the most common usages of voice search is for selecting music, finding shops and restaurants nearby, gaining directions and selecting who to make a phone call.

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