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Welcome to our Video Content Marketing Studio where we put together great promotional video content for your business. Our main goal is to improve your user experience with clear demonstration videos for your products and services.

We will create for you with an affordable budget (starting at £100) the following:

  1. Promotional Video
  2. Explainer Video

Our very affordable explanation videos are professionally designed, story boarded and delivered to you with fast turn around  times. We will work with you on the content design, voice overs, music etc. and promote your videos through effective channel advertising.

Here’s an example of a promotional video we completed for one of our clients Star Whitening who provide a teeth whitening service:

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Here’s 5 good reasons why you should use video content

1. Creates you a sticky website

So, what do we mean by this term a ‘sticky website’. Well one of the measures attributed to your site is to measure how long a user stays on your web site, as well as how long users will watch the video for. This measure is known as ‘dwell time’.

Statistics show that around 65% of visitors to your site will watch a video vs those who sit down to read plain content. (We also offer an infographic service which also helps towards user engagement). Keeping the user engaged with your site demonstrates you have helpful information about your products and services.

Here’s an example explanation video for social marketing

2. Catches the user’s attention

When someone visits your website or webpage you have about 7 seconds to grab their attention before they bounce off the page.

Videos will help reduce your bounce rates which is a great measure for SEO and your user experience.

The search engines recognise this as an important factor and if you upload you video into YouTube, then according to ComScore you increase your chances by 53x for getting on the first page search engine results.

3. Easier to share video content

Users are much more likely to embed, share and provide links to your video than textual content and blogs.

More and more technologies are leaning towards video content marketing when it’s embedded into your website, video marketing channels and other forms of digital marketing

So, therefore having video content will help you keep up to date with the latest marketing trends and at the same time keeping ahead of your competitors if the’re not displaying videos.

Here’s an example explanation video for SEO

4. Doubles your email click through rate

Let’s say your sending out you’re regular newsletter to your subscribers and spend lots of time writing that content and getting the right images to display along with it.

Well, by now incorporating video into your email newsletter, you’re doubling the CTR (click through rate) of your readership. So, incorporating videos into your email marketing strategy plan is well worth doing.

5. Heightens users emotional engagement

Here’s an example by playing certain types of music can help engage your users when watching your video. The voice overs tone of voice can also play a part to arousing viewer’s emotions as well as the message you are conveying.

It’s a proven fact that by allowing your viewers to watch your video content can be a great way to motivate them and excite them to the messages you’re communicating. TV adverts have worked like this for years.

Think of the times you’ve nearly picked up something and luzzed it at the TV when that certain male opera voice comes on your favourite insurance commercial, (if you know the one we mean haha). So, yes video can heighten the emotions evoking either good, or bad.

So, where do you upload your video content?

Now we’ve looked at 5 positive reasons for using video content, then here’s a good question, where should your video content be uploaded? The answer to this depends on what you’re looking to achieve. The obvious targets would be your website, landing pages, email newsletter etc. but what about which platform to use?

Here’s an example if you want to generate high volumes of traffic then uploading your video onto YouTube and Facebook are great players for generating traffic.

However, once your video has been played on YouTube, your viewer may well get adverts for your competitors popping up and may detract them away from your site – not so good. So what’s the answer here?

Remove related videos no longer found

There used to be a tick box to ‘Remove related videos’ on your YouTube video edit screen that was defaulted, you just simply un-ticked it and competitor videos weren’t recommended, but that feature is no longer available as Google decided it wasn’t in the users interests, which is understandable.

So, what’s the alternative?. The alternative option is to upload your video onto a different platform such as Vimeo, Daily Motion, Twitch or Live Leak. The problem her is the traffic would not be anywhere near as big as YouTube, so this is where it gets a bit like ‘horses for courses’ with what you’re looking to achieve.

Please contact us today if you want some video advice, or want to produce professional video content.

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