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We are a very transparent company always seeking to help our clients grow their business. Here are some questions that our clients have asked over time that may help you. We would also love to speak with you to answer any other questions you may have.

Why choose 1st Choice Marketing, what’s so unique?

We have 4 good reasons why our services offer better value than other digital marketing agencies.

Exclusivity – We offer total exclusivity to one client per industry, which means there will never be a conflict of interest. This means we can give our clients complete confidence and trust when working on their behalf to get in front of competition.

Low Overheads – We don’t operate out of high-end expensive offices, passing the bills onto our clients monthly fees. This is how we help make our digital marketing services more affordable and with great value returns.

Proven Track Record – We have been involved in digital marketing before Google came to the forefront in the UK in 2003/4. We worked previously with Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Alta Vista and MSN, so we have plenty of experience. We have been on Google’s successful journey, and know how to get sites to the top of Google.

No Contract Term – We believe by having no contract term keeps everyone on their toes. It’s surprising how many agencies can go quiet in the later months of a contract. Here we are committed to our clients success month on month.

Is SEO relevant for my business?

Yes, definitely. Google attracts high volumes of traffic for certain keywords and search phrases relating to your products and services. These first need to be analysed to see which search terms provide the highest traffic. Once these have been identified, then an SEO strategy needs to be put in place to push your website up the rankings, and ultimately into the top 3 results. Every time someone clicks on your site, you do not pay for these results. They are known as ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ search results. See more on SEO here.

Will the SEO work undertaken guarantee results?

Yes, however patience is required. We will work hard to implement your SEO strategy, so getting the results can take time. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest. As Google indexes our work, the results will come. However, it can take up to 5-6 months to really start seeing the fruit from our labour. Sometimes, 2-3 months but in general and taking into account different factors it can take more. We operate various different strategies with our expertise to see your website get to #1 ranking results in Google.

Can I work on Social Media and SEO at the same time?

Yes, this is a good practise and helps build trust for your website. As referrals come in from your social platforms this is indicates to Google that you are a trusted active company, with visitors coming in from various referral sites as well as Google itself. This all forms part of your digital marketing strategy. The main key here is to ensure that your site visitors are engaging with your site and that it is of interest.

Can I undertake SEO if I don’t have access to the content on my site?

This is a very important question to answer, and quite simply no. Part of the SEO strategy is for us to supply you with high traffic engaging content, and therefore you having access to the content is really important. We can provide you with word documents containing to the content for you to upload, or we can upload the content for you. We are happy to discuss which works best for you as each client is different. If you cannot get access to the content, please contact us, so we can talk through your options with you.

How can I receive the best ‘return on my investment’ (ROI)?

ROI is critical for any business and the beauty of digital marketing is that it is all measurable. This includes SEO, Social Media advertising and Paid Search. We will work with you to monitor the whole journey of the customer to the point of sale. Life time value (LTV) is also taken into consideration as a repeat customer buying again and again carries an overall return to the business. So, how much is a customer worth during their life span with you?

If you would like us to answer any more questions, please call us on 01702 742 077 and we will be happy to answer, or send in your question below:

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‘We’ve had a fantastic experience and excellent results using 1st Choice Marketing. They’ve helped increase our turnover, deliver more traffic and maximise our profit margins. Would definitely recommend to other firms looking for a breakthrough’.
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‘A brilliant company if you want to grow your Organisation. Their marketing expertise has dramatically increased our profits margins. Would definitely recommend’.
Yvonne Kingdom Keys

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