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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital MarketingFirstly, what is digital marketing? In short, digital marketing is when you promote your business and build your brand on the internet, or through an electronic device.

We recognise that it is extremely important in this day and age, to create and market your business online establishing a strong internet presence.

Please have a further read as we discuss in more depth the answer to What is Digital Marketing?

Ok, so our first step with you would be to conduct a digital marketing audit and then start promoting your brand, products, services, messages and content in order to generate new business over the internet.

We will work together with you each step of the way to help you achieve this.

Whether, you want to re-brand, set up a new website, design online marketing materials, or review your existing site  our SEO Web Designers will help point you in the right direction, and can also include other marketing channels such as video content marketing.

An Overview

For those of us who have been on the rapidly changing technology journey, we have seen the phrase ‘digital marketing services’ used more and more.

Digital marketing services differ from conventional means of marketing, as this purely focuses on digital channels such as websites, social media, mobile apps, emails, texting and even television and radio have joined the club along the way.

Specific online marketing services would also include Search Engine Optimisation, local search, e-commerce SEO, social media, link Building, email marketing, content management and reputation health checks.

Please watch our video below as we give a simple answer to the question ‘what is SEO?’

How Digital Marketing Can Benefit You

One of the greatest benefits of using digital marketing services is that it makes the campaigns and activity easier to measure. It’s a great way to really help promote and measure your campaign success effectively.

By using many different tools such as google analytics, internal login systems and other marketing software you are able to easily track increases in web traffic, customer behaviour (i.e. bounce rates, new users, active users and existing users).

You can also get a much better picture of your customer demographics and geographical locations when digital marketing channels are being maximised. Social Media platforms such as Facebook can give excellent insights into the types of customers and their locations you want to target.

Please watch our video below, as we explain a little more about Social Media Marketing.

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Focused Areas

Although, the good old days of TV and Radio were expensive, but good for establishing trust for your brand, digital marketing services are far more cost effective, and much easier to track your success rate.

Remember, people are finding you through their mobile phones, tablets, PC’s and smart TV’s now. We have experience in helping clients set up digital TV and radio adverts from story boarding, to finding the right actors, voice overs for recording, filming and booking the slots.

The first place to start though, is with your website, so we thought we would put together a simple priority order for you to focus on when embarking on your digital services campaign.

  1. Website (content onsite and offsite)
  2. Social Media Networks
  3. Email/Newsletter Marketing
  4. Mobile Apps (notifications)
  5. Radio Advertising
  6. Smart TV Advertising

Of course, these may vary depending on your requirements as a business. That’s why it’s always good to start with your marketing strategy plan, and then ask about the various ways we can promote your website.

Please watch our video below as we explain more about SEO Web Design.

We will help review your existing conversion rates, routes to market, content management processes, email marketing and social media which when optimised correctly can produce you very cost effective returns on investment.

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