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1st Choice Marketing SEO Experts

We are an innovative SEO Agency helping you achieve high ranking natural search results, to ensure your website meets all the requirements for search engine optimisation. We have been working in SEO since 2003, and have a proven track record of white-hat only techniques. Our experise is in Local SEO, National SEO and Global SEO.

If you’re frustrated your website just doesn’t get any higher in the search rankings, or whatever you do just doesn’t work, then contact us for a free consultation. Our SEO audit consists of a 62 point health check that will ensure your website gets results, as well as a top quality relevant back link strategy.

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Do you have a website, and want to increase your search traffic?

Are you looking to improve your conversion rates, and get your site found on page 1?

Maybe, you don’t have a website yet, but you want help to get started quickly.

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Here’s how we fix the problems. search engine optimisation (termed as ‘SEO’) ensures your website is built correctly, giving your users the best and most helpful experience when they pay you a visit online. This is where we come in to provide you with technical advice, help and support.

What other websites are saying about you online also ranks as an important factor. This is known as reputation management, or back links, but more about that very shortly.

1st Choice Marketing only provide good quality white hat techniques. Some SEO firms will increase your page ranks fast, however they maybe using black hat techniques.

Using black hat techniques can result in sand boxing and other severe penalties, so you’ll need to make sure you stay away from these types of SEO firms.

Good quality white hat SEO takes time to get amazing results. Yes, there can be some quick wins along the way by altering certain key search phrases on the page, or finding ways to improve your click through rate (CTR) and dwell times.

However, in reality depending on the age of your site as well, it can literally weeks and months to get your desired positions that stick and don’t drop off

Our SEO Services

Search Engine Rank Analysis
Keyword/Keyphrase Research (including VOIP searches)
Onsite Strategy and Offsite Strategy – Implementation and Execution
Penalty Removal
Content Creation
Backlink Analysis
Mobile SEO
Local SEO
National SEO
Global SEO
UX and UI Testing
SEO Training
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Current Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Monthly Reporting and Tracking
Analytics and Webmaster Tools Support
Website Migration

What is SEO?

SEO Search Engine OptimisationIn short, Search Engines will rank your website and landing pages depending on good quality content, laying your key search terms out correctly, and growing a positive reputation from other relevant websites.

Some of these sites may just mention your brand name (known as ‘citation’), or they could place a link back to your site.

Depending on which websites write the best content, engage their site visitors and achieve the most relevant links, will therefore get higher ranking results.

You may also find our blog post helpful on 10 ways to improve your SEO when it comes to reviewing further search engine optimisation requirements.

Over the past years the whole SEO landscape has been changing and improving, and has even now developed into a kind of a science.

Analytics Search Console and WordPress

This is why it’s vital to have a company like us who keep their ear to the ground, provide regular updates with the market trends, discover emerging technologies and give you detailed ranking reports.

Basically, if you really want to future proof your business, you’ll need to get ahead of the game with SEO, as there’s a very good chance your competitors will be.

As we know, the main search engine is Google, so keeping up with their updates and preventing future penalties is imperative. But, additional traffic can be generated from Bing, Yahoo and others as well.

SEO Questions

Our first step for you is to conduct an SEO health check of your website.

This means we analyse your customer keyword search terms and monitor how your website ranks for these results.

There are various terms of Search Engine Optimisation services that we offer to include Organic Search, Local Search, E-commerce SEO, Social Media, Link Building, SEO Audits and Reputation Management.

These all contribute to the quality factors for your website, where applicable.

As well as your onsite SEO needs, you also need to take into account offsite work.

Which other websites are linking to you? What are they saying? What types of links are they? How relevant are they? See more on reputation management

One of the main goals for being found at the top of the search results is to attract high volumes of customers through your website to find what they’re looking, and ultimately buy your products and services.

Included in your SEO audit is a tactful key word analysis to help you get found for exactly what people are searching for.

The aim here is to out rank your competitors, building a solid platform for your brand. A brand that builds trust and confidence in your company.

SEO should really be viewed as a ‘quality control’ for your website.

What specific SEO areas will we analyse?

When we analyse your website, these are some of the areas we will monitor to make sure your website is optimised for both the search engines and the users.

Web Crawling
Crawl Budget
On-Page Optimization
Meta Description
Meta Title
Page Headings
SEO Friendly URL
Keyword Choices and Placement
Internal links
Outbound Links
No-follow Tags
Loading speed
Page Content
Image alt text
Off-Page Optimization
Guest Bloggers
Social Media
Natural Links
Manually Built Links
Self-Created Links
Link Equity
Building Trust and Link Authority
Search Quality Ratings
Page Quality Rating
Page Purpose
E-A-T – Expertise, Authority and Trust
Needs Met Rating
Benefits of a Forum
Out of the Box SEO tools
Keywords in Content
Keywords in URL
Title Tags
Fresh Content
Mobile Responsiveness
Well Coded
User Experience
Site Speed
SEO Impact
Status Codes and Common Issues
Status Codes
Crawl Errors
Site Errors
URL Errors

3 quick questions to ask yourself

  • What type of content would my visitors be interested in?
  • Can my visitors easily share my content?
  • Who is linking to my website?

Although, SEO has technical requirements that need reviewing, there is also a creative aspect you will need to apply to increase your website visitors.

We can help you from the ground up with website improvements to help you generate more traffic, or if you’re just starting out, you can use our website development service to build a rock solid foundation and ensure your website is SEO friendly from the outset.

Areas we cover

We provide services to businesses, local authorities and charities as an SEO Agency in Southend on Sea, London, Manchester, Essex and worldwide, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The Cost

This will vary depending on the size of your website and the time required to tune/build the site. We’re certainly happy to chat this through with you, and do our best to work within your budget.

This is where good ROI planning is needed which we can help you with.

To book a free SEO consultation, please contact one of our team today on 0844 603 0100.

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