Business Coaching and Training Courses

Business Coaching and Training CoursesThe following business coaching and training courses are available to you with the main aim of equipping your team to provide skills and confidence in helping your company grow. This list represents the major subject areas that are most called upon for us to present. These modules may be further personalised when requested by clients who require a tailored program specific to the organisation.

We teach on a one-to-one basis, right through to running corporate training workshops for the major blue chip companies. We mainly provide business coaching and training courses for start-ups, SME’s and corporate clients.

Which courses may interest you?

Here you can find which business coaching and training courses are of interest to you. All of the following titles are possible options once we have reviewed your requirements and determined the best outcomes that will best suit your needs. Programmes are mainly delivered over a two to five day class, but we can make these flexible to you.

98 Business Course Topics

  1. Leadership Skills for Managers
  2. Time and Task Management
  3. Building a Successful Team
  4. Achieving Excellent Customer Service
  5. Stress Awareness and Managing Your Stress
  6. Handling People and Difficult Situations
  7. Fundamentals of Problem Solving and Decision Making
  8. Preparing and Giving Presentations
  9. Train the Trainer
  10. Master Negotiating skills
  11. Managing Corporate Change Effectively
  12. Fundamentals of Sales and Marketing
  13. Project Management Techniques
  14. The Indispensable Administrative Assistant
  15. Leadership Skills
  16. Building Your Personal Reputation as a Leader
  17. Building Trust in the Workplace
  18. Coaching for Success
  19. Four Keys to Advanced Leadership & Motivation
  20. Fundamentals of Strategic Business Planning – How to Grow a Business
  21. How to Effectively Manage Multiple Locations
  22. How to Excel at Managing & Supervising People
  23. How to Really Excel at Leadership – What the World’s Greatest Managers do Differently
  24. Leadership from Within
  25. Leadership in Turbulent Times
  26. Motivation and Staying Positive
  27. Motivating Employees to Achieve More
  28. The Effective Leader
  29. Achieving Results through Effective Delegation
  30. Achieving the Work/Life Balance
  31. Effective Meeting Management
  32. Getting It All Done – Handling Projects, Objectives and Deadlines
  33. How To Make Meetings Work For You
  34. Becoming a Highly Successful Team Leader
  35. Coaching & Leadership Skills
  36. Remote and Virtual Team Management
  37. Supervisory Skills and High Impact Communication
  38. Achieving Excellent Customer Service
  39. Seven Stages of Achieving Excellent Customer Service
  40. Stress Awareness
  41. Understanding and Managing Stress
  42. Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure
  43. Handling People with Tact & Skill
  44. How to Deal With Difficult, Diverse and Different People
  45. Appraisal and Performance Management Training
  46. Competency-Based Recruitment And Interviewing Skills
  47. Managing & Eliminating Unacceptable Behaviour & Other Performance Barriers
  48. Stimulating a Positive Attitude
  49. Problem Solving & Decision Making – Tools and Techniques
  50. Problem Solving, the Way of Life
  51. Preparing and Delivering Presentations with Confidence, Clarity & Conviction
  52. Personal Communication Skills
  53. Assertiveness, Self Esteem and Self-Confidence Development
  54. Business Writing Basics for Professionals
  55. Business Writing for Results
  56. Dealing Effectively with Negative Attitudes
  57. Dealing with Unacceptable Employee Behaviour
  58. High Impact Communication Skills
  59. How to Develop an Effective Telephone Manner
  60. How to Write Persuasively and Effectively in Business
  61. Interpersonal Skills & Effective Communication
  62. Powerful Influencing And Persuasion Skills
  63. How to be an Effective & Dynamic Trainer
  64. Fundamentals of Negotiation
  65. Riding the Wave of Change
  66. The Echo of Your Life
  67. An Introduction to Marketing
  68. Improving Sales Performance
  69. Sales, Negotiating Skills & Ensuring Customer Delight – The Triple Threat Capability
  70. Personal Networking for Success
  71. How to Cultivate and Grow a Business Network of Contacts
  72. Project Management Techniques
  73. Fundamentals of Successful Project Management
  74. The Indispensable Administrative Assistant
  75. Becoming a Highly Successful Team Leader
  76. Dealing with Negative Attitudes and Unacceptable Employee Behaviour
  77. Four Keys to Leadership & Motivation
  78. Fundamentals of Negotiation
  79. Fundamentals of Problem Solving & Decision Making
  80. Fundamentals of Successful Project Management
  81. Fundamentals of Team building Through Leadership, Coaching & Motivation (2 days)
  82. Getting It All Done – Time Management, Handling Projects, Objectives and Deadlines
  83. How to Excel at Managing & Supervising People
  84. How to Handle Conflict With People and Difficult Situations
  85. Managing & Eliminating Unacceptable Behaviour & Other Employee Performance Barriers
  86. Motivating Employees To Achieve More
  87. Supervising With Success
  88. The Essentials of Communicating With Diplomacy and Professionalism
  89. The Management of Corporate Change
  90. The Rewards and Responsibilities of Personal Accountability
  91. Understanding & Managing Stress
  92. Four keys to leadership & management
  93. How to excel at managing and supervising people
  94. Top tips for successful leadership 42 classes
  95. Customer Service 27 classes
  96. Time & Task Management
  97. Getting it all done
  98. Handling projects, objectives and deadlines 23 classes

We look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know the courses you are interested in booking below:

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