Find a Burglar Alarm and CCTV Fitter

Find a Burglar Alarm and CCTV FitterIf you’re concerned about protecting your home or commercial premises, then finding a trusted Burglar Alarm and CCTV fitter is a must.

There are different types of home security protection on offer these days, so we’re going to look at what’s available and then help find you the right professional to secure your home.

Here we look at the types of burglar alarms and CCTV systems that are available and ready for installation on the market.

Simply, compare prices and choose the best burglar alarm and cctv fitter for the job!

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Burglar alarms are required for both commercial and private use. Businesses may want to protect their stock and computers as well as home owners wanting to protect their household goods such as Jewellery, PC’s, Bikes, Antiques etc. Find the right burglar alarm fitter is really important.

Types of Burglar Alarm

  • Bells only alarm – This is when the alarm goes off should someone enter your property, but you would only be notified by whoever heard the alarm such as the neighbour if you are away at the time.
  • Dialled Alarms – These alarms will automatically dial your phone number, or a designated contact when triggered, if you are away from the property.
  • Smart home security system – These are growing the most favourable in this day and age as you download an app to your phone or tablet and should there be any disturbance then you get an instant notification via your app. The benefit of smart systems is that you can add devices such as cameras, motion sensors and lighting that you can control from your device, even when away on holiday.
  • Contract Alarms – This is where you pay a monthly, or annual subscription for the security company, or police to be notified of any potential break in.

There are various different brands of alarms available offering different features, so it’s worth having a chat with your fitter as to what alarm would be best suited to you.

CCTV is required more and more not just for public authorities protecting our neigbourhoods and high streets, but also commercial businesses surveillance and home owner protection.

Types of CCTV

There are many different types of cameras such as;

  • Dome CCTV
  • Day/night CCTV
  • HD
  • C-mount
  • Pan-zilt zoom
  • Infrared, or night vision.

These can be linked up in a smart secure way where for example if someone comes to your front door motion detectors will start recording and send the notification through to your smart device.

You also need to be aware of the camera image quality, as getting the defined image of someone’s face, or a car registration is important.

Cameras types

  • 720p, 1080p
  • 1mp, 2.1mp, 4mp, 5mp, 6mp etc.

Again, you will need to discuss the options with our approved burglar alarm and CCTV fitter to find out which system is best for you.